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Professional Liability Insurance For Contractors


When you are working as a contractor, it means that you provide services and advice to clients that hire you for the purpose of designing and constructing whatever it is that you specialize on.  Whether you are into building homes, buildings, bridges, elevators and escalators, air-conditioning and heating system, and other construction where they require your professional expertise, if you do such services, it means that you are liable for any damage or injury that can arise from the job you were contracted to do.

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What is it?

A Professional Liability type of insurance is also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance and or/ Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII). It protects professionals that provide professional services and advice in ways not covered by a General Liability Insurance more on this subject here:  A contractual arrangement is necessary for most construction jobs as certain tasks involve the expertise of certain contractors of that particular field of work.  Generally, in most countries, before you get your license as a contractor, you will need some form of Professional Liability Insurance.  This type of insurance is more on general liability and it is essentially your protection against claims of bodily injury and property injury that may arise from the construction of what you have been contracted to do.  This type of Professional Liability Insurance for Contractors is a must and should never be ignored because it stands as your overall protection against costly claims and lawsuits.

Canadian professionals can acquire this through insurance companies that offer this type of insurance or better yet, contact an insurance company that specializes in professional liability protection and coverage. More information the only Canadian insurance brokerage to specialize in Liability Insurance which is said to offer the best professional liability insurance quotes online in Canada

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If you are a contractor, regardless of the duty or tasks you are contracted to perform, it is necessary that you have a general liability insurance to help protect and safeguard your livelihood.  For any single accident that may result in lawsuit, there may be a chance that you may not be able to handle the cost of the lawsuit as well as the compensation or settlement that may be reached in court.  Overall, getting liability insurance will be a solid way in protecting your business and your interests from such unwanted situations, whether their lawsuit has any merits or not.

Sometimes you may ask on whether you really need professional liability insurance or not when in fact you do your job pretty well.  The thing about liability insurance is that some employers require their contractors to have some type of general liability insurance before they hire them.  This is why it may be unnecessary to think of not getting or renewing your old policy because this is actually one of the tickets into getting a contract.

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