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October 29, 2014
by Coleman

Home Improvement Asbestos Removal- Safety First

When you want to do home improvement, it is important to know about asbestos, what it is, where it may be in the home and what to do about it if a home has asbestos containing materials. This can be learned by getting professionals to do asbestos testing and submit samples to a lab.

Homes constructed before 1975 are very likely to contain varying amounts of asbestos in the construction materials. When considering renovation projects on homes it is important to identify if and where there is asbestos, assess risk and then proceed to contain (abate) or remove it safely. This best done by consulting with asbestos removal specialists. Proceeding with a home renovation without learning if the materials have asbestos is like playing a dangerous game of roulette. Government of Canada has this to say about health risks of asbestos. The main risk is that construction materials when disrupted will free tiny particles of asbestos, letting them become airborne, and then will continue circulating putting everyone in the home at risk. This is explained by Government of Alberta Canada on this FAQ on Asbestos.

Home Improvement Asbestos Removal

Home Improvement Asbestos Removal

What is asbestos? Asbestos is a collection of minerals that are seen as long, thin fibres woven together. They are used in a large number of products and in the construction industry, although insulation is their primary application. Asbestos is a highly hazardous material, when its fibres become airborne. When they are released in the air, they can easily be inhaled. This can lead to death by causing Mesothelioma, other fatal lung diseases and or cancer.

List of Asbestos Containing Materials

Asbestos containing materials (ACM) are extremely hazardous elements to have around in the home. An ACM is any material that has at least 1 % asbestos in its makeup. Many types of ACMs are around us, and most of them are materials used for building homes and offices. Some of most common places to find asbestos include.

  1. Insulation

Several types of material are used to keep buildings insulated, and some of them are prone to asbestos. The insulation products most likely to contain asbestos include furnace linings, base of old furnaces and attic and wall insulation.

  1. Fire safety materials

These materials are a fundamental part in any construction project. However, these products are some of the most susceptible for ACMs. Some of the materials to look out for include fire curtains, fire-retardant material, fire-resistant fiberboard and fire door insulators.

  1. Electric parts

Many people thing of fabric and soft materials when considering asbestos, but electrical parts are also prone to becoming ACMs. The parts are often the parts that are in the building electrical units, or some common parts, like hairdryer insulators or light bulb bases. Other examples of electric ACMs include electric hot water services, electric heat banks, electric switchboards and electrical wires, electrical pipes and heating and cooling ducts.

How to Recognize Asbestos in Your Home

When you are remodelling your house, you need to take precautions for preventing asbestos hazards. Asbestos fibre should be stopped from getting released into the air. To do this you’re advised to hire a licensed asbestos abatement contractor.

You can’t tell whether a material contains asbestos simply by looking at it, unless it’s labelled. A trained certified inspector can take samples and send them to a lab for asbestos testing. After confirmation, asbestos removal should be carried out immediately.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos abatement and removal is a tough job and dangerous job. You should always hire a professional to ensure the job is done safely and properly. Never compromise over health and safety.  The following is a list of steps common to the removal process after asbestos lab work is done. This is best conducted by professionally trained and equipped asbestos specialists.

Platinum Inc – Disaster Restoration Company in Calgary, Alberta from James Rorke on Vimeo

  • Planning is essential. Getting the right safety clothes and gear.
  • On task, get team of asbestos abatement procedure professionals that are trained in asbestos abatement disaster restoration services.
  • If an individual the third step is to file the appropriate permits with the government; many countries, states and provinces have specific requirements for asbestos removal procedures and asbestos removal in Calgary Alberta is no different. In most cases, the persons will sign some documents certifying that appropriate safety measures will be followed.
  • The removal process involves spraying the asbestos with water. Once the asbestos is saturated, pry bar and a knife are used to remove the asbestos. As it is removed, it is packed and sealed in a bag. These bags must be double seal bags; the bag should be sealed as asbestos is packed in and then sealed again. For easy removal, the asbestos has to be kept wet throughout the process.
  • Once all the asbestos is removed, the remaining asbestos fibres are cleaned out. This is done by wetting the fibres and placing the trace amounts of asbestos in the asbestos removal bag. Vacuuming and sweeping should not be performed, it can be dangerous.
  • The bags containing asbestos are then disposed at a local landfill designed to manage asbestos removal.

The above is just a general idea of a removal process. For those looking for specific guidelines you can contact your government body that oversees environment protection services. For persons in Alberta Canada, see the Guidelines for Disposal of Asbestos Waste and the Alberta Asbestos Abatement Manual. Persons in cities of Alberta such as Calgary can get a permit to dispose of Asbestos here Actually when it comes to Asbestos contamination in the home and home renovation experts will generally recommend either safely contain it (referred to as asbestos abatement) or complete asbestos removal. Cost can be a factor when selecting the most doable solution approach.  Less resources and labour may be needed abatement than removal, however an asbestos expert can advise of any solution options.

This type of specialist in disaster restoration may also have expertise in other areas of clean up and restoration. In Calgary Alberta, for example the disaster restoration company Platinum Inc. are also specialist in the disaster clean up and restoration for water damage (such flooding from nature and burst pipes), mold damage (a toxic risk to human health), sewage damage (such as when sewers back up), grow up remediation in addition to the asbestos testing, safe containment, abatement and removal.

September 29, 2014
by Coleman

Home Improvement Through Basement Development

When you begin to own your very own home, normally you will be satisfied with what you have.  However, as some years pass, say perhaps you now have your own family with kids running around, it is likely there are some home improvements you want to do with your home to cater to different things you would like.  A good example will be a room where the kids can play, a library where they can study, theater room where the family can watch movies, or simply your very own man cave where you can stay in peace and solitude.  Whatever type of room you want; this can be accomplished through home improvement.

The problem with some home improvement projects is that you may not have the extra space to have what you are planning to be constructed.  However, if you do have a basement that is not being fully utilized, you may employ basement development contractors to do the renovation project for you.  When it comes to this type of project, it is crucial that you employ professionals because they have what it needs to accomplish the type of room that you have in mind while making sure that your home is both structurally sound and safe.

Basement Development

Basement Development

In Canada, when it comes to basement development, you will find that Calgary basement development companies are the ones to hire for such home improvement tasks.  These professional contractors have the necessary crews that are seasoned and well-rounded in the art of renovating your basement area into the dream room you have always wanted.  They have the experience, equipment, knowledge, as well as education to make your dream a reality.

Calgary basement development crews are well-renowned for their expertise in basement development because they have been doing this for years.  Whether the project is of large scale or small scale, they will take on the task and develop your basement to what has been agreed upon.  They are professionals in this art and profession which is why you can be assured that the renovation they make for your basement project does not compromise the structural integrity of your home.

September 26, 2014
by Henderson

Top Four Things Every Calgary Luxury Home Must-Have

When you’ve got the money, there is no reason for you not to talk to luxury custom home builders in Calgary. Everyone wants to live in their dream home and if money is not an issue, then you better get that dream home construction started. From electronic systems in the house to the latest furniture and fixtures, you’ve got a lot of choosing to do. You can only get through all of this with the help of custom home builders Calgary. Their expertise will help choose the best ones.

Here are four things that your luxury home must have to achieve that luxury home level.

Calgary Luxury Home

Calgary Luxury Home

  • First, consider talking to leading top notch Calgary luxury home builders about the height of the ceiling. Not everyone can afford a high ceiling and that is what your home should have first. The high ceiling design is a classic and definitely high end.
  • Second, your luxury home must have the view that everyone will wish they have when they look out the window. The unobstructed view of the city or the mountains or beyond can truly make your luxury home, luxurious.
  • Third, mood lighting is a great way to go. Everyone has got lights in their houses, but everyone can afford to have that mood lighting installed just the way they want to. The options for mood lighting should come in a wide array too.
  • Fourth, your luxury home should come with architectural uniqueness and the modern designs are simply not enough. How can you make your home stand out without looking like a total distraction? You need to talk with the experts about it.

There area best practices that Canadian Builders agree as to be best practices for the industry and for the consumer. Learn more about this via the local Canadian Home Builders’ Association – Calgary Region, see:  . When looking to find the best custom home builder for your vision, it is worth doing a background check on possible providers. One of the most well known watch dog of the business community is the BBB – Better Business Bureau.  Check out this Calgary Custom Home Builder BBB member:

While money talks, it is important that the quality of the job that you get is the best one that the industry offers. Most of these luxury home builders Calgary will have the most seductive campaigns to highlight what they can offer, but not all of them will be able to pull off the project of your dreams. Besides the obvious importance of picking the right location, it is a must that you know what a luxury home should have in order to have one built for you.

September 24, 2014
by Henderson

Professional Liability Insurance For Contractors

When you are working as a contractor, it means that you provide services and advice to clients that hire you for the purpose of designing and constructing whatever it is that you specialize on.  Whether you are into building homes, buildings, bridges, elevators and escalators, air-conditioning and heating system, and other construction where they require your professional expertise, if you do such services, it means that you are liable for any damage or injury that can arise from the job you were contracted to do.

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What is it?

A Professional Liability type of insurance is also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance and or/ Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII). It protects professionals that provide professional services and advice in ways not covered by a General Liability Insurance more on this subject here:  A contractual arrangement is necessary for most construction jobs as certain tasks involve the expertise of certain contractors of that particular field of work.  Generally, in most countries, before you get your license as a contractor, you will need some form of Professional Liability Insurance.  This type of insurance is more on general liability and it is essentially your protection against claims of bodily injury and property injury that may arise from the construction of what you have been contracted to do.  This type of Professional Liability Insurance for Contractors is a must and should never be ignored because it stands as your overall protection against costly claims and lawsuits.

Canadian professionals can acquire this through insurance companies that offer this type of insurance or better yet, contact an insurance company that specializes in professional liability protection and coverage. More information the only Canadian insurance brokerage to specialize in Liability Insurance which is said to offer the best professional liability insurance quotes online in Canada

Solution Website for Canadians: Professional Liability Insurance Quotes Canada
(click image below to visit)

Professional Liability Insurance Free Quote Tool for Canada

If you are a contractor, regardless of the duty or tasks you are contracted to perform, it is necessary that you have a general liability insurance to help protect and safeguard your livelihood.  For any single accident that may result in lawsuit, there may be a chance that you may not be able to handle the cost of the lawsuit as well as the compensation or settlement that may be reached in court.  Overall, getting liability insurance will be a solid way in protecting your business and your interests from such unwanted situations, whether their lawsuit has any merits or not.

Sometimes you may ask on whether you really need professional liability insurance or not when in fact you do your job pretty well.  The thing about liability insurance is that some employers require their contractors to have some type of general liability insurance before they hire them.  This is why it may be unnecessary to think of not getting or renewing your old policy because this is actually one of the tickets into getting a contract.

Want to Talk to Experts Online?

Want to talk to experts online in the social media realm? Looking to connect with those that cater to serving and discussing professional liability protection and offer solutions such as quoting and convenient online procurement of policy? Visit the one and only specialist for this (at time of writing), on Facebook. Just search for Facebook EasyCover Free Online Professional Indemnity Insurance Quotes Canada.

September 22, 2014
by Simmons

Basement Development And Renovation Solutions

If you love working out at the gym but find it a hassle to go to the gym at times, possibly due to the distance you travel to get there, the weather, or because the gym you are going to has lots of members and sometimes it gets hard to get to train with the gym equipment that you like to work out on.  If this is the case, then surely you would not mind having your very own gym right inside your home.  This way, you do get in line in order to use the equipment you want or be lazy to travel when the weather outside is not good.

Basement Development Calgary

Basement Development Calgary

Having your very own home gym is actually very convenient.  This not only saves you the annual or monthly fees you need to pay when going to a membership-only health gym, buy you also save money on your commute going to the gym where you a member at.  While it is true that you may lack a trainer when you have your own home gym, but if you have discipline and already know what to do with your training routine, then you won’t have any problems with the overall development of your workout routine.  The best part of having your own gym equipment is that you can work out any time you feel like working out.  If you have some time to spare, you can lift some weights while waiting for what you have scheduled to do.

It cannot be denied how convenient having your own gym is.  However, if you do not have the necessary area to setup your gym equipment, then your dream of having your own gym may be a failure.  Fortunately, if you have a basement to spare and it is not being used for anything other than a utility storage area, then you can have it renovated through basement development into the gym you want to have.

When having your basement renovated, it is crucial that you hire professionals to ensure that the overall structural integrity of your home remains sound.  If you’re living in Canada, Edmonton basement developers are the right group of  contractors that you should consider hiring for this type of job.  This is because Calgary basement development is their thing and they have the necessary knowledge, experience, and equipment to help make your dream basement gym a reality.

For those seeking a home improvement Calgary Basement Development contractors. They have a great reputation and many happy customers that have left them 5 start reviews. This is the type of signals one should look for when you want to ensure you ultimate satisfaction with your basement development or garage building. For those of you looking for contractors in this area, check out these basement development and garage builders calgary at Homestars . They also happen to have a Facebook page that provides a nice gallery of finished client work. See below.

Basement and Garage Builders Calgary Want to find a local expert to review and chat with in a transparent environment? For those seeking expertise, reviews and consulting in the Calgary area, check out Facebook search results for local companies that are garage and basement developers in Calgary, such as Planit Builders LTD. Home Improvement Company serving the Calgary (phone: 403-452-2839) and Edmonton Area (780-468-7110) of Alberta Canada.


Before one can build or renovate, proper protocol is to submit an application to the city government asking to do your new building development or renovation work. For example, those in Calgary will need to go to the City of Calgary Building and Development Permits to get documentation and info on how to proceed. Click here:
Calgary Basement Development and Renovations Planit Builders Testimonial & Review

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